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There are many reasons why we feel proud of the Carrickfergus area and one of them is the abundance of flowers and attractive horticultural displays. Each summer the Carrickfergus area is brightened up by hundreds of hanging baskets, bedding displays, shrub beds and trees. The Carrickfergus in Bloom environmental improvement was developed to brighten up the town. The objective is to make a brighter town for the benefit of all citizens and visitors. This website has been designed to provide current news, information and advice on all our inbloom activities. However, please do contact carrickfergus in bloom if you would like to see anything else at Carrickfergus is located in County Antrim in Northern Ireland.

Britain in Bloom

Carrickfergus and Whitehead received Silver Gilt awards at the Britain in Bloom finals in Bristol on 16th October 2014. Both Carrickfergus & Whitehead represented Northern Ireland in the 50th Britain in Bloom finals. Judges from Britain in Bloom and appointed by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) visited Carrickfergus and Whitehead to assess the town’s entry into this year’s prestigious Britain in Bloom competition. On Monday 4th August, judges Jon Wheatley and Darren Share visited Carrickfergus and on Friday 8th August judges Mark Wasilewski and Brendan Mowforth visited Whitehead. more...

Carrickfergus in Bloom Community Competitions

Each year we organise the Carrickfergus in Bloom Community Competitions with a £1200 prize fund. The categories are Best Kept Garden; Best Kept Container Garden; Best Kept Community Planting Scheme; and BestKept Commercial Premises. The Young people’s categories include Painting, Poetry and Tallest Sunflower. Take Part Here or view latest winners.

Carrickfergus in Bloom Gardening Advice

The following gardening tips have been added to help to make your garden a success. Hanging Basket Tips, Butterfly Paradise, Composting your Garden Waste, How to Plant and Stake a Tree, Tree Planting Tips, Wildlife Gardening, Build a bird nestbox, Night time Gardening, Grow Crops in Pots, Growing Tomatoes etc. Click here to visit our gardening advice section. Not sure when things in the garden should be done? Use the handy carrickfergus in bloom gardening planner to find out what your should be doing in your garden each month.

Carrickfergus in Bloom Campaigns

carrickfergus in bloomA vital part of the Carrickfergus in Bloom initiative is the campaigning work we do in the community. This year we continue our campaigns to promote biodiversity through our Blooming Wild campaign, growing vegetables in schools, getting communities working with community grants; tree week kicks off our tree planting campaign and linking gardening to the health, fitness and wellbeing agenda. Click here to view the Carrickfergus in Bloom campaigns section.

Latest News & Events

Biodiversity: The Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) for Carrickfergus, Ballymena and Larne Council areas, which will form the new Mid and East Antrim District Council area was launched in December 2014 and marks what will be a key landmark for biodiversity conservation in the region. read more...

Translink Ulster in Bloom Competition: Gardeners throughout Carrickfergus Borough are being asked to 'Lend a hand this summer' to ensure success within this years Translink Ulster in Bloom Competition. Last year we celebrated a number of awards and with your help we can keep our record of success. more info...

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