Build a Ladybird House

Build a Ladybird HouseThis ladybird house will be used by ladybirds and other insects in winter.

Adult assistance will be required to make it.

You will need:

a piece of plywood (for the back)
logs (use sawn wood if logs arent available, at least 10cm deep)
bamboo canes
small sticks
small nails
power drill
hand saw

1. To make the frame screw or wire together the logs.

2. Cut the plywood to the shape of the frame and nail it to the back.

3. Cut the bamboo canes into pieces the same depth as the frame.

4. Cut pieces of log the same depth as the frame. Use a drill to make holes around 5mm in diameter in them.

5. Stack the bamboo and log pieces into the frame. Push them in as tightly as possible so they dont fall out.

6. Fill any gaps with small sticks or moss.

7. Make a loop from wire to hang it from.

8. Hang on a wall, ideally facing into the morning sun. Position it near plants because ladybirds like to eat aphids. If it is low down and near a pond it may be used by dragonflies and solitary bees too.